january 9, 2012 i replaced my broken down, stationary 1998 mazda 626 with a 1992 nissan sentra for which i paid $100 to eric g. when i bought it and described what i wanted to do with it eric said that i would have been better off buying a different car because i would end up putting more money in the sentra. his estimate was originally $1,000 but he then raised it to $1,500 to $2,000. so this page is simply a list of what i want to do to “fred” (the name of ever vehicle i have ever owned), what i have done to him, and how much it has cost. my goal is to get “fred” into respectable shape while proofing eric wrong.

what i want/need to do

  • replace front exhaust tube (rusted out)
  • new tires for front and rear (basically bald)
  • replace power steering pump
  • general maintenance – fred needs a tune up
  • body work (there are a couple of sections that have rusted out)
  • paint – both for protection and looks
  • add roof rack for my canoe – difficult because the car is a coupe
  • replace broken radio
  • add fog lights – i’m not sure why but i really like fog lights
  • power locks – i want keyless entry
  • auto-start

here is what i have done to fred thus far

1/12/2012 Planet Audio 4x6s $18.13
1/12/2012 Sony Receiver $68.75
2/3/2012 Kicker 6.5″ $42.88
2/8/2012 Passenger Mirror $22.00
7/6/2012 4 Tires $60.00
11/27/2012 Bosch Alternator $41.00
5/31/2013 Paint Gun $11.99
6/27/2013 Starter $70.85
11/16/2013 Muffler $48.35
8/1/2014 2 Used Struts Including S/H $120.00
8/11/2014 2 Quarts Bondo $10.86
8/11/2014 3 Bondo Patches $16.29
Total Spent   $531.10

here’s a link to every post about fred.

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