google cloud connect

i have been a big fan of google docs for quite sometime. we at tapestry have used the collaborative nature of of google docs for many projects. we used it for the development of our church constitution and we are using it right now in a sermon preparation project. yesterday i found out about google cloud connect which is a plugin that allows you to work in microsoft office products over the google cloud. i’m going to be trying this over the next few weeks to see how it works.

louis theroux


today while eating lunch I discovered louis theroux. how have a missed this guy? he’s television documentaries (at least the two i watched during lunch) seem to be real gems. today i watched “the most hated family in america” about the VERY screwed up church westboro baptist and part of his “weird weekend” episode on black nationalism. they were both wonderful explorations of parts of society that i would never want to be a part of but i still found his time within them fascinating. i’ll be watching more of his work.

pam and i finally watched “the social network” and found it to be a really compelling movie. what a wonderfully told story of success, failure, betrayal, and drive. it was amazing.

the king’s speech

the kings speech

pam and i went to see “the king’s speech” last night and it was amazing. pam wanted to go to it because it is possibly the only movie in history in which one of the main characters is a speech pathologist. i wanted to go to the movie because … well because pam wanted to. i wasn’t super excited about seeing the movie but i knew she was and that was good enough for me.

so i was completely surprised when i ended up loving the movie. it was incredibly good, very entertaining, and once again proved how amazing pam’s profession is. she is part of a field that does incredible stuff and this movie is a very good example of how amazing speech pathology is.

should i be preaching

i’m presently in a pastors’ meeting where the subject being discussed is preaching. while talking about what good preaching is a standard was reached by most of the group. i agree with most of the standard. it was that good preaching was not just about the truth that was spoken but also about the truth that was communicated and understood by those who heard it. i thought it was a pretty good standard and fits in with aristotle’s model of communication (sender – medium – receiver). based on this standard i jokingly threw out "based on this standard i assume ½ the people preaching shouldn’t be preaching during a worship service." everyone in the room thoroughly agreed.

now i’m sitting here trying to figure out which half of the room shouldn’t be preaching. i’m assuming it is the other half of the room while i’m fairly sure they think it is this side. 🙂

recommended for me?


i went to amazon today to look for a resource and was surprised by the books it recommended for me. i really thought the books i read would lead to better recommendations than this. apparently amazon has a different view. here are the book that have been most recently ordered on my account":

i’m not sure how these book equal the above recommendations but i am really disappointed in the books i read because they apparently correlate to trash and photoshop manuals.

i will try to start reading better.

super bowl gathering


just a reminder to everyone that instead of tapestry’s normal weekly gathering at washginton elementary school we will be watching the game together at our house (3311 arbor vitae lane). the church will be providing jambalaya and drinks. everyone else is asked to bring a heavy appetizer – you can figure out for yourself how heavy. we’ll do a devotion at 5 p.m. this is the third year that we have done this and it is always a blast.