Project Flying Squirrel – Night #1

Since writing about flying squirrels last night I have decided that I want to get a decent photo of one of our flying squirrels by our squirrel feeder. Not a great photo, just a decent one. I’m not even going to attempt to get a decent photo of them flying. These little buggers are super fast so I figure realistically catching a good photo of one flying is beyond my scope at this point. So I will be happy with just a decent photo of one on my tree. Really just an okay snapshot will do.

I was shooting from pretty far away tonight. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to have my camera closer.

Since my telephoto lens is presently with one of the kiddos, at this point I am left with my 18-55mm and my 50mm prime lens, and my flashgun. I thought about using my prime lens with the flash gun placed very close to the tree and then using my remote to set it off. Unfortunately, the battery on my remote died after a couple of test fires. I will get a new battery for tomorrow.

So the photos that I was able to get tonight were taken from 25′ away and cropped substantially because my 18-55mm lens wasn’t meant for shooting such small creatures from this distance (I should have gone with the 50mm prime lens – the nikkor 50mm prime lens is a wonderful lens). Tomorrow I’ll try using the remote with the camera very close to the tree. At least for tonight you can see the squirrels that I said were not visible in last night’s photo.

The Greatest AI Panorama

I took a few shots at Lake Louise today and Google offered me this panorama:

I just saw this wonderful panorama on Reddit. It’s awesome. The Google Photos Assistant (Artificial Intelligence). The Google Photos Assistant will suggest things that it believes will help your photos. Sometimes this is adding filters to your photo, or forming a collage of certain photos, or creating an animation of photos that seem to go together, and some times it will create a panorama by putting a few photos that fit together to form a panorama. The photo above is a wonderful example of this feature. A glorious example.

Here are MalletsDarker‘s original photos that Google stitched together.

and you should too

2012-06-05 09.01.38

kind of cool to be a part of only the third gubernatorial recall vote in our nation’s history. obviously i am pulling for a certain result (which i won’t say because my blog is on the church’s site and i have wonderful friends in tapestry who hold a different view from me concerning the election and i don’t want them to feel like their tithe went to support politicking) but either way our election process and the democratic republic that results from it are awesome. i assume i am the first member of my family to have ever voted in a gubernatorial recall since i was the first terrell signature at the poll today and i don’t believe any of my extended family has ever voted in a gubernatorial recall before.

thanks bro


the above wonderful minolta srt-101 is what i just received from my brother. yep that’s the kind of sibling he is – the kind that will send you a free vintage 35mm camera when you put the word out that you are looking for one. its weird because i always remember ken being a selfish little pain in the butt. some how he changed as he matured 🙂

actually he’s a pretty good guy. he would have to be since adam and noah’s nickname for him when he was a toddler was “uncle hero dude.”

now i need to figure out how to use this thing.

a couple of photos that make me smirk

i thought i would share these two photos from last night at tapestry. the first is the cover of brad’s music tabs notebook. made me laugh to see tom selleck on it. the second is from the spontaneous game of wiffle ball that started after everything had been taken down and put up from last evening’s gathering. actually i’m not sure how spontaneous it really is when you bring a glove?


this third photo is from the hospital where pam had her pre-surgery mri this afternoon. this is by far the most buff JESUS i have ever seen. “meek and mild” my butt.