Clive Loves Car Rides

I am posting this video just because I believe Clive deserves more blog time than any cat. This dog seriously loves car rides. The video above is from a semi-forced ride tonight that Pam “guilted” me into giving Clive. It was only semi-forced because I really love driving Clive around.

I went to return Pitch Perfect 3 (yeah Shelley!) and when I returned Pam told me that Clive had sat at the garage door whining the entire time that I was gone. I would love to say this was because he was missing me, but the truth is that he was probably just upset that I had gone for a ride without him. This dog seriously loves car rides.

Put his harness and lease on and the dog runs to the garage door. Convince him to walk out the front door so that you can actually go for the walk and the second he exits the front door he starts to run to the outside garage door or if there is a car in the driveway he runs straight to it. Open your car door for a second, and pop he jumps in. If a stranger wanted to steal my dog all they would have to do is open their car door. Given the choice between me and a car ride with a stranger I am pretty sure that Clive wouldn’t even think twice, he would choose the car ride.

The good news is that Clive has good musical taste so we listened to The Clash during our ride through the country roads South of Plover.

Stupid Cat Found the Wyze Cam

I bought a couple of Wyze Cams because they are seriously inexpensive and I am convinced that 1) Clive and Helen do funny things that I wish were videoed when I am gone (they haven’t thus far), and 2) that I would like to know when someone enters our driveway during the day or night. I have the front camera setup to send me notifications when there is movement in front of our house when I am away.

Today I received notification that the stupid cat has found the Wyze Cam.

SIDE NOTE – These little Wyze Cams are awesome and I can’t believe how inexpensive they are.

Remastered Halo & Halo 2

Top: remastered. Bottom: original.

Thanks to Noah I bought an old copy of the Master Chief collection ((I tend to never buy games when they initially come out – I wait till they are older and cheaper)), which includes the remastered versions of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. The remastered versions of the games are seriously incredible. I loved being able to swap between the original and remastered versions during the cut scenes.  They are of such high quality that every now and then I forgot that they were computer animations.

Halo: CE, 2, and 3 are such good games. Halo 4 not so much and I can’t speak for 5 yet since I haven’t played it … yet.

Pork Chops & The Mission

I know some of y’all are going to be watching the Avengers: Infinity War release tonight and I hope you have a great time. First, because you are my friends and I typically hope that my friends have great times when they do something, and second, because I will be watching the movie later on (this weekend or next) and hope it is a good one. Tonight instead of going to a crowded theater, I will be watching The Mission with Conor & Wesley, two friends with whom I have been reading the book “Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment” by Brian Godawa. This week we talked briefly about films concerning followers of Christ that are made by people who aren’t coming with a specifically Christian agenda – not anti-Christian just not coming with an agenda to promote Christianity.

I usually prefer movies about Jesus and Christians that have not been made by film makers that don’t have a Christian agenda. I think the reason for this is because non-specifically Christian movie makers are concerned with telling the story, while Christian movie makers often are more concerned with the message conveyed than the story itself. The thing is that the story is the message within Christianity and we have a great story (after all it has been called The Greatest Story Ever Told). That’s why Jesus taught in parables. It is why the first four books of our New Testament are gospels (i.e. stories about the good news of the Kingdom of God that was inaugurated by Christ). It is why so much of the Old Testament is told in stories. Christianity isn’t about learning syllogisms and propositions. It is about the restoration of relationship with God through God’s own sacrifice in Jesus. You get to know a person (and in this case the Messiah) through stories. In my opinion Christian films often don’t focus enough on the story because they don’t realize that the story is the message. Film makers without a specifically Christian agenda often just focus on the story and the message gets through in spite of them because, once again, the story is the message.

Anyhow, I mentioned while talking with Conor & Wesley that I loved the movie “The Mission”, a movie that does an amazing job of detailing the change that happens through Christ and the threat such Christian change posses to the powers that be. Well I discovered that neither of them have ever seen the film. Seriously! How could this be. I wasn’t going to let this stand.

So tonight while you may be watching an Avengers movie we will be watching The Mission and eating grilled pork chops and mashed potatoes. Personally I am a pretty big fan of the plan for the evening.