I’m a Musical Guy

I didn’t know that I love plays in general and musicals in particular until Pam and I started dating.  My family did many great things, I just don’t remember going to many plays or musicals. Maybe we did and I simply don’t remember it. I do remember dove hunting, fishing,  going to Rocket Speedway to watch races (I still have floating around in my head a great/disturbing image of the thrown up remnants of a hotdog eating context in a Rocket Speedway tub urinal), every now and then watching tractor pulls, and going to lots of my football and baseballs games, but not plays or musicals. So when I learned that Pam loved theater, I, therefore, went with her to various plays. I was going because she wanted to do but what I discovered by going with her was that I  really like plays also. I still love hunting, fishing, and old cars – tractor pulls aren’t really my thing anymore, but I also now love plays and musicals.

The result is that we regularly go to plays and musicals as a family. Since my mother has moved up here to Wisconsin we’ve gone to “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”  by UWSP (great performance but I wouldn’t recommend the play – amazingly depressing) in October, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”  by the Wausau campus of UWSP (good performance and very fun musical) in December, and next month we’ll see an Broadway touring company performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” (where upon I will walk around singing and shimmying “tradition” and “if I were a rich man” – yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum).

Last, night we went with my mother to the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee put on by the Wausau campus of UWSP and I was pulled into the play as a spectator.  I was given the word “cenacle” which means “1. a group of people, such as a discussion group or literary clique. 2. the room in which the Last Supper was held.” I would have missed the word anyway, I have always been a terrible speller, but the second Jesus was mentioned all I could think of was “synagogue” and that tainted any chance I had of spelling “cenacle” correctly. We love going to UWSP’s plays, their theater department is truly wonderful. Before last night we had never been any of the performances of the much smaller Wausau campus . They did a very nice job last night.

I think the reason I like theater so much is because ultimately the crowd is always a part of the play. Some plays such as “Spelling Bee” purposefully involve the crowd while others like “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” don’t. Still the audience affects the performance. A good audience energizes the play. There is a difference between the performance of actors with a good crowd and a bad crowd. The performance of the actors in a movie are the same whether there is an audience in the room or not. My experience in a cinema is with a crowd that’s into the film is often better, but realistically the audience doesn’t connect with the performers at all because that isn’t possible with film. It is with theater. This is probably why I love singing with other people in church but don’t really care about listening to “worship” music on my own – or when I do I enjoy doing so it is because it reminds me of singing with others. May also be why I’m not a big fan of video church. The connection matters.

Anyhow I would encourage everyone to go to a play. It is a wonderful way to spend the evening.

At the Moment I Would Rather Think of Yoyoka.

The past two days I have been mulling over Attorney General Jeff Sessions  and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders using the holy witness of the meek & mild Jesus the Christ. the Bible, (the One Who is God with Us) as a means to justify taking kids away from immigrants seeking asylum (a legal act), especially when it is apparently being done in an attempt to scare parents into not attempting to seek asylum in or attempt to immigrate to the US. I am proud that the Southern Baptist Convention recognized that this is evil and not consistent with family values. I’ve typed a little concerning my disdain for the action and the misuse and misinterpretation of scripture in an attempt justify evil. I just haven’t figured out exactly what I want to say yet. That will come later.

Therefore, I thought I would share a video that shows the opposite of children being frightened by those who are supposed to protect them (just in case you haven’t read Romans 13:1-7, the passage being used to justify taking kids away from their parents who at worst have committed a misdemeanor, the verses say that the authority that rulers have is supposed to be for the good of those who are ruled. For good. Not for evil.). The video below shows eight year old Yoyoka, who aspires to be a global drummer. The video is her submission for the 2018 “Hit Like a Girl” drum contest. Yoyoka seriously throws down. There is great joy displayed on her face, rather than fear. I believe our government should act in such a way that any kids it deals with experience such joy rather than fear. People who agree with Ronald Reagan that “the most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, should not be trying to justify the government taking kids away from parents.

SIDE NOTE – I will eventually post my thoughts on the misuse of scripture by Sessions and Sanders. Probably tonight after Pam and I watch the Incredibles 2. While at the moment I would rather think of Yoyoka, I can’t stop thinking of what the children who have been detained, and their parents, are facing.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – I heard about Yoyoka while working on a new paver patio for our backyard and listening to the wonderful NPR Politics Podcast. You should listen to this podcast. It is wonderful.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – here the present paver situation.

2nd Day Airbnb

I’m sure I’ll post more about our adventures in France later on but it will take a while to think through some of them – for example my very complicated feelings about cathedrals. For now I will once again post the video I made to show my mom the Airbnb we are staying in for the next two days. I’m impressed at the excellent, affordable places Pamela has found fur thus trip. Downtown is a brief walk and the Museum of the Battle of Normandy and Bayeux War Cemetery are just at the end of the block. Pamela has organized an amazing trip without us being stuck on preplanned tours or in hotels.

Speaking of corporate, the plan for the evening was to visit a French market, buy supplies, and made supper back at the Airbnb. Unfortunately, by the time we got around to it all the markets were closed.  Mickey D’s saved the day … or at least kept our stomachs from growling.

SIDE NOTE – here’s Pam at the restaurant where Julia Child had three meal that changed her life and led to get taking up French cooking. Pam loves Julia Child and I tried to encourage her to have a meal there but she decided against it. 150 Euros for Frog Legs and Duck in Blood Sauce weren’t her type of thing.

The Week of Adam

My kids are really cool.  This is probably because their mom is really cool.  I can list reasons why I am proud of all three of them (2 kiddos and 1 wifeakins) but this week has been the “week of Adam”.

Thus far this week he has:

  • Been offered and accepted his first professional job in his field of study.
  • Successful defended his thesis fur his Masters degree.
  • Received a graduate research scholarship in recognition for his research.

Like I wrote earlier,  he’s a pretty cool kid. I am incredibly proud of him.

Pam and I have been discussing how this week feel like we have kind of reach the parenting “finish line” for him. We know that isn’t true, there will be other parenting things that continue to happen. Still it does still kind of feel like a finish line has been approached.

SIDE NOTE – We’ve been calling this “the week of Adam” in reference to Seinfeld’s “Summer of George”. Therefore, when ever you say “the week of Adam” you must shout it in a George Cosantza voice. It is more fun that way. Go ahead and try it. You will find that it is fun. IT’S THE WEEK OF ADAM!

Terrell Family Discussion Comparing Snowpocalypse & Other Weather Emergencies

Me: You know everywhere we have ever lived has had weather emergencies but I believe I lam most comfortable the snow emergencies in Wisconsin.

Adam: Why?

Me: Well, you probably don’t remember hiding in the basement and singing songs during Tornado Warnings in Missouri?

Adam: Nope

Me: Those were very scary. You probably remember hurricanes and preparing for them.

Adam: Yep

Pamela: I wasn’t usually scared of them except for the night before Katrina.

Me: Yeah I began to think “what if we should have left” then? Realistically the weather emergencies at other places contained the possibility of large scale death totals and destruction. A huge snow storm is still dangerous but basically we just stay inside, and shovel the driveway every so often.

Pamela: The biggest danger of this storm to me is that I will gain 10 lbs.

SIDE NOTES – we have been eating A LOT of carbs. 🙂

I May Not Do Much Right, But I Marry Well.

I probably shouldn’t make a big deal about this because Pam has been published before, both academically and non-academically. Still Pam is dang impressive.  Today she had researched published in the ASHA (American Speech – Language – Hearing Association) journal. HERE’s the article abstract (or you can pay $30 to read the whole thing).

As I said in the title, I marry well.

This Is How I Husband

How do I husband (“husband” can be a verb, right?)? Well I get tickets for Pamela and me to go see Huey Lewis and the News, as well as Brett Michaels (who neither of us care about), and Night Ranger (who my high school self would have been excited about). Now if Bob Marley and Joe Strummer (so the Clash could reunite) could be resurrected and the Police get back together then Pam could buy me tickets for a concert I would love to go to.