is it wrong to punch an amish?

pam and i went remodeling shopping tonight. we are looking into remodeling adam and noah’s bathroom. while we were walking down the aisles of menards an amish male challenged me to shopping cart chicken. actually he was walking down a side aisle about to join the main one that pam and i were walking down. i saw him and he saw me. i know this because he looked me straight in the eyes. as he got close to the main aisle i thought he would stop. that is what he was supposed to do. everyone knows that the side aisles don’t have the shopping cart right of way. well this amish guy apparently doesn’t have to live by the rules that everyone else does. instead he just walked straight into the main aisle forcing me to slam on my shopping cart brakes (i.e. my feet). it was a pretty aggressive move for a pacifist. this of course is what threw me off and is why i didn’t say anything to him. i’m just not used to being cut off by men in suspenders.