my dirty little secret

i am ashamed to admit this but i actually like watching “the real housewives of new york.” i know. just when you thought you couldn’t think any lower of me i have to go and admit something that lowers your opinion of me even more. it’s a dumb show and i know it. there is nothing redeeming about it. if i were a woman i would hate this show with a passion because these women are not good examples for the gender. they are shallow and pathetic and worse than just being shallow and pathetic is the fact that they actually think they are deep and imitation worthy. that’s why it’s like watching a good comedy for me. i sit there thinking “no! really no! nobody is that dumb and self-centred.” that’s what i think but every time those ladies prove me wrong – they really are that shallow. it’s actually kind of sad and and what is sadder is that i am drawn to watch it hoping that somewhere in the show they are going to turn to the camera and wink in an attempt to say “don’t worry, we’re just pretending for the show.” they haven’t done this yet. this makes me even more pathetic than these ladies … which is really hard to do.

please don’t think too much less of me.