curling smack

this is great. it’s a curling blog and about 3/4s of the way down this post they make the following statement concerning the video of me curling that i posted for arnold:

Come on Robert, your pal Arnold expects more than this

that’s right my second year skills were trashed on by people that i don’t even know. i’ll admit that it was a rough night (we were killed – 12 to 2) but i wasn’t expecting to be randomly slammed by strangers. the curling world used to be so much nicer.

this is for arnold

awhile back arnold commented that he wanted to see video of me curling. turns out it was a little harder than i had imagined to get. there aren’t many places on the curling courts that will support a camera off the ice and aren’t blocked by a human body during the match. the above is the best i’ve been able to get out of about 4 tries. this is also going on during the match so i’m a little busy doing other things. so here it is arnold, it’s a boring shot, but it’s the best i have for you at the moment.

i busted my butt

tonight was my first curling bonspiel. i think i smiled the whole evening. of course, i also sucked. i was awful. out of 16 rocks i think i actually had 4 that were in play and that is probably being generous. in the midst of throwing the stones either too hard or too soft i also managed to fall on the ice twice. one of the falls was so hard that it even stopped the game next too us. my whole body had to have been at least s 1/2 feet off the ice on that fall. it was truly remarkable and i am already very sore (and i know it will just be worse tomorrow). i’m not sure why it never hit me that running across a sheet of ice while trying to sweep in front of a fast moving stone might be a little difficult.

after we finished the bonspiel (we lost by three stones) several people came up tell me where to get sticker shoes. they were real concerned that i wouldn’t come back again. apparently they loose a good number of beginners after a fall. i just told them that i was a kltuz and nothing but a broken bone would keep me from playing. the whole evening was a blast and the people were great fun to be around.

i practicing again thursday morning & maybe friday morning as well.