random thoughts at 11:11 on a tuesday night

  • integrity insurance/granger insurance, the insurance company of the man who hit my car last week, has decided to total my car and after their calculations they think it is generous to offer me a grand total of $1,042 for my car or $700 if i keep it. this seems like a complete cheat to me (and the others i have discussed this with). now i have to determine how i respond to them and what i do next. i think i’ll begin by saying that i will most definitely never be a client of integrity/granger. i’m quite unimpressed with them and wouldn’t want them as my insurance company. i hope none of you use them or are ever hit by one of their clients.
  • i sent my xbox 360 in for repairs today. it developed 3 red lights and then started freezing. it’s past the machine’s warranty but it appears that 3 red lights usually equals a free repair. we’ll see. anyhow on a lark i’m buying a used original xbox from a friend who sells vintage game consoles and i am considering running xbmc on it. i’ve never run xbmc so if anyone has any experience with installing it on an xbox i’m all ears.
  • pam and i just watched 3/23’s episode of “lost” – interesting. i’ve been a little disappointed with this season until this episode. like i said … interesting.
  • i also just caught up on this season’s “24” – c.t.u. must purposefully go out and recruit traitors. it seems like every season there is another person inside the agency working for the bad guys. how many times can this happen? thus far it has happened around 9 times. i would have ditched the show a long time ago except for jack bauer killing everything in sight. every now and then  i feel like i get a little closer to being a pacifist but somehow  i still enjoy watching jack do his thing – but i sure do hope we don’t have any agents like him.