the marko effect

i promise that i will soon begin to blog about something other than marko but i thought some of you would find the power of marko interesting. above is the google analytics graph for the traffic to my blog for the week before yesterday. as you can see i had my normal 40 people coming to view the blog (approximately 35 of which are my mom). things changed dramatically once marko posted the link to the top ten list. the traffic jumped up to 364.

to give you a comparison i’ll compare the traffic to my blog when it was put on the ys update (back in september). here’s the graph for that.

as you can see it wasn’t as big of a jump. marko is basically three times more influential than the ys update. he is a online youth ministry power and a force to be reckoned with.

all hail the power of marko’s name.

SIDE NOTE – after changing my design several times i finally built the desk for my study (now affectionately dubbed the “man cave” by pam). it’s basically a collapsible table so that the “man cave” can easily be turned into the “guest room” when the need arises. that’s right my space has to remain portable so that i can remove my stuff when we have company. oh yes, i am master of this domain.

the desk cost me a grand total of $16.24 after tax. now i’m getting an old computer from my dad (needs a power supple – $30) that i can run ubuntu on, and probably a widescreen monitor for movies.