planning with eric


i thought i would share with you guys what it looks like when eric and i discuss and plan for a tapestry gathering. the above image is our discussion of what to do the week before easter. it all makes sense now, right?

The Tangible KingdomSIDE NOTE – i finished “the tangible kingdom ” yesterday and therefore i thought i  would mention a few of the things i really liked about the book. this is a pretty dang good book that i believe many in the church need to hear. in many ways it merely repeated the same things that i had been reading and interacting with in other sources and communities but i think halter and smay do an excellent job of connecting real stories with the theory and theology behind what they are saying. i was really pleased that several friends recommended the book to me with the phrase “i was reminded of tapestry while reading this book.” that’s a nice thing to hear.

i think the book was well worth the read if for nothing else other than attractional and incarnational approached to evangelism i blogged about earlier and their 4 aspects to living incarnationally, which are: leaving, listening, living among, loving without strings. these 4 chapters are worth the read by themselves. if the church universal would do those four things more we wouldn’t be known for buildings and places but rather for being involved in people’s lives and GOD making a difference.

i also loved the fact that they were open about people sometimes screwing up. why do we often expect people who aren’t CHRISTians to act like followers of CHRIST? just because someone is involved in a church doesn’t mean they are CHRISTian. we should expect stupid and even sinful things to happen within CHRISTian communities because these are supposed to be groups where screwed up people can come and be loved. once someone becomes a follower of CHRIST we should expect them to strive to be more like CHRIST but that still doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect. if anything it means that even more of our errors and rebellion are going to come out in public as we attempt to move closer to CHRIST. of course, we would rather just hide everything. too bad.