q 2009

i’m presently in austin waiting for the q conference to begin tomorrow morning. i left this morning and rushed through the minneapolis airport to just barely make my connecting flight – i literally had to get someone to unlock the door and get a counter worker to check me in because everyone else had already been boarded.

anyhow i heard tapestry was wonderful tonight. pam bragged on mike’s preaching and how all the threads pulled together to make everything happen. as a dad i was pretty proud of my boys jumping in and taking care of things. adam did all the computer stuff by himself and then pam sent me the above photo. turns out that noah played the djembe for the band tonight. this makes me sorry i missed it.

for anyone who is interested i will tweet the conference over the next couple of days.

the last jeremiah paper


my parents, the only people i am sure actually care about posts being place on this blog, will be thrilled to know that today i mailed in the last paper due from my jeremiah seminar. the reason they will be thrilled is because i will now have enough time to post some new things to the blog (mom – you may now cheer).

SIDE NOTE – if you are interested in the paper you can read it here. it’s not one of my better ones so i wouldn’t really put it on a list of recommended reading.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – anyone interested in going to the q ideas conference with me? if you are a church planter or student i know how you can get a $200 discount. even with the discount it still isn’t cheap, but it is a little better.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – i spoke at uwsp’s intervarsity chapter last night. i was talking about how scripture records that JESUS is “the way, the truth, and the life” BUT it doesn’t not say that our boxed up versions of HIM are “the way, the truth, and the life.” i thought i had a great idea to display video on each side of the stage showing how to make origami boxes and encouraging the students to make such boxes with paper i provided. the idea was to point out at the end how distracting making the box was from what they had really come there to experience. it would have worked a lot better for one side of the room if i had looked at the settings for the projector on that side of the room. we use that projector for reverse projection at tapestry. unfortunately, this was not reverse projection and thus everything was projected on the wall backwards. this made the instructions, and probably the illustration, useless.