student documentary on tapestry

hilary is one of the ladies that leads music at tapestry‘s worship gatherings. she is also a student at uwsp and was taking a mass communication course this past semester. as a part of that course she and a fellow student decided to do their main class project on the development of tapestry. the above video is the result of their work. i think it is pretty cool.

i love the fact that when she asked me what i wanted my title to be i told her “pastor/ultimate fighter” and she put it in there. of course, she also misspelled my name but i’m pretty much used to that. everyone does.

this is for arnold

awhile back arnold commented that he wanted to see video of me curling. turns out it was a little harder than i had imagined to get. there aren’t many places on the curling courts that will support a camera off the ice and aren’t blocked by a human body during the match. the above is the best i’ve been able to get out of about 4 tries. this is also going on during the match so i’m a little busy doing other things. so here it is arnold, it’s a boring shot, but it’s the best i have for you at the moment.

it's number 14 for him

i went fishing with andy for an hour and a half today. this was the result of that hour and a half. andy catches a ton of fish.

i on the other hand slipped while we were portaging the canoe and promptly fell into the wisconsin river.

this video is hosted on flickr using the video feature they added a few months ago. i haven’t used it before this video so i didn’t really have anything to comment on. while i have mixed feelings concerning video being on flickr, i do like how the manner in which they have put it together.