darn j.t. and his blessed name

j.t. (blessed be his name) posted a video on his blog explaining why the writers decided to strike. this would make me feel bad about wish they were not on strike if it was not for the fact that their strike has postponed “24.” i understand them wanting to get their due for their work but this is “24” we’re talking about. they really should have considered that before they went on strike. i find it hard to disagree with j.t. (blessed be his name) because he is a youth ministry god, but i do have to remind him that this strike is postponing “24” and that is simply not acceptable.

SIDE NOTE – for those who are curious my cute, intelligent, doctoral wife has made it to honduras safely. she will be there until the 18th while see helps with the operation smile project that is going on down there. if you wanted to keep her in your prayers we would both appreciate it greatly.