when it started snowing last week i stopped running. it has been slick enough on the roads and sidewalks when i was just walking my dogs and i was not real excited about the thought of actually running on that stuff. so i stopped. it seemed like a reasonable solution to me. of course, we’re probably going to have a pretty good amount of snow around here and i really want to be ready when jim and jill come up here to run the green bay marathon (my brother-n-law and his wife are, to quote my 13 year old, “beast mood” and therefore i need to be in shape when they get up here). this means that i need to train and training means that i need to run.

i mentioned my problem to one of the guys that i play basketball with and he immediately sent me after yaktrax. these thing a combination of rubber bands and metal springs. i guess they work pretty much like tire chains for your feet. all i know is that they work. i’ve run 6 miles in them now and have felt safe during ever stride.