holiday inn

i bet by now the two people who actually read my blog think that i have given up on doing this. well don’t worry mom and dad (the only two who read this thing) i have not given up on it. i just took a small sabbatical from typing up the events of life (translation nothing funny was happening).

i’m through with my typing respite now and i have an entry that relates to a holiday inn express television commercial and a friend of mine�jim wallace, the parkview associate pastor of education. two sundays ago “the ring” (parkview’s college worship service) had a cd release for “the junkyard taboo,” the band for “the ring.” as a part of the whole release-fellowship thingy the waco hit sunday school class decided to give free food to the college students. it was a cool idea and all the students loved it.

after the fellowship was through the class began to clean up the chairs and tables used during the event. steve, one of the class members was moving a stack of chairs when it suddenly fell on top of his left leg. i’m not sure if you’ve ever had a stack of chairs fall on your leg but from the sounds made by steve as a result of the chairs landing i would have to tell you that i would not recommend it. the result of the crash was the dislocation of steve�s left knee. not a pretty picture. lots of people rushed over to help him. one of those helpers was jim wallace. jim used to be a basketball coach and upon seeing steve�s dislocated knee he reached down and “popped” it back into place. of course, steve still needed medical treatment but at least his knee was no longer 6 inches away from being in the right spot. an ambulance was called to take steve to the hospital.

when the ambulance got to parkview steve told them what had happened and that jim had put his leg back into place. the paramedics turned to jim and asked “sir, are you a doctor?” without a second�s hesitation jim responded “no, but i did sleep in a holiday inn express last night.” 🙂

p.s. if you haven�t laughed at the humor of this you need to watch more commercials.

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