baton rouge brainless driving

i believe i have finished yet another blogging hiatus – actually this was a blogging, journalling, and book reading hiatus – though i did get addicted to a magazine called “relevant” and read it constantly during this episode. these things happen to me every now and then. what happens during them is that my mind sort of cuts off for awhile – it is my belief that during these times my brain actually takes a small holiday to an meditterean beach and relaxes for awhile – this is good for my brain but bad for me. when it happens all i’m able to do is watching movies and play gamecube. i spend the rest of my time walking through life without a brain and therefore running into random objects and making odd sounds every now and then. i walk around all day dazed and confused function on my brain stem only and not participating in any high level functions of humanity.

the weird thing is that i have found through these episodes that you don’t really have to have your brain in order to make it through most of life. in fact, there are sometimes where it might be an advantage not to have a functioning brain – i found that without my brain i now actually understood the drive in window order speaker at burger king, a feat which i can’t do when my brain is working right. the fact that my brain was on vacation until earlier this morning didn’t seem to effect most of the conversations i had with people. i simply nodded and said “oh really” every now and then. this seemed to be all that i really needed to add to most conversations and thefore everything went well without my brain being involved in the process. hearing some people without my brain actually made what they said made sense for the first time.

the coolest of all things was that my baton rouge driving improved dramatically while my brain was off sunning itself. when i was driving without a brain everything all the other drivers on the road did made sense to me. now that i have my mind back from holiday i think half the drivers in baton rouge are homicidal, before i had my brain back i thought they were very good drivers. yesterday, a car racing to get to a stoplight before anyone else seemed reasonable to me. now it just seems stupid.

anyhow, now that i have my brain back from the beach – with a light toasting on it – i can begin to blog again (and journal and read books – though i will continue to read relevant because it’s a pretty good magazine). of course, i’m going to be shouting at insane drivers once again but that a small price to pay in order to have a brain.

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