the dead housewives’

saturday i took pam to see “mona lisa smile”. i wasn’t really forced to go to this film because i’m not really one of those guys who absolutely refuses to go to a “chick flick.” as a matter of fact, i have actually enjoyed a few movies in my life time that many people refer to as “chick flicks” (i’ll never admit to which films these were though). of course, when we got in the theater it was a good guess that some of the guys there had been forced by their female companions to come to the movie. pam turned to me and asked “i wonder exactly how many of the guys here were forced to come to the movie by their dates.”

now, i view the role of a husband as being the protector and provider. therefore, when pam brought up the question it became obvious to me that my role in our relationship was to find out the answer to that question. i decided to ask the guys in the room “how many of the guys in the room have been forced to come by their woman?” it was a risky question because the women in the room could turn on me, but being the provider and protector in tails a bit of risk. so i took up my role and asked the question. immediately several male hands in the room went up and almost as fast several female hands popped, slapped, and hit their dates. truth has it’s consequences. thankfully the other men in the room, rather than me, had to pay the price for their truthful answers.

anyhow, “mona lisa smile” was pretty good though it was a direct rip off of “the dead poet’s society”. of course, “dps” was still much better than “mls”.

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