like father, like son

i would have never have guessed it but apparently human genetics somehow fits into the world of stinging insects. the two people who regularly read this blog know that i have had a string of skirmishes with a certain member of the insect kingdom. i am proud to say that i ultimately became the victor in my battle with the yellow jakets of the world. they chased me away a few times but eventually i defeated their outpost hidden within my front yard. i figured the war was finished – after all i killed them.

apparently yellow jackets are members of some type of insect mafia and therefore they operate in devilish manners. since, i beat them they decided to go after members of my family. i guess they thought they would go after my oldest child first because adam was at the park the other day with some friends and was stung for the first time in his ten year old existence on this world. what was it that stung him? a yellow jacket.

it would appear that the war is raging once again after a bried lull and the yellow jackets are fighting dirty now. you don’t mess with a fellow’s family. now my battle is personal. i will rid the world of these insect instruments of evil and i will do it while inflicting as much pain on them as possible.

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