worship ideas

i thought i would post two worship ideas we used at “the view” in the past two months. here they are:

1. kierkegaard style worship – the danish philosopher/theologian made a wonderful description of worship as being for GOD’s pleasure. we did a worship service focused on a chair as the reminder of GOD’s presence. we started with silence and a powerpoint show explanation of the evening (click here to view it), sang a good bit, and then ended with another powerpoint show summarizing the night (click here to view it). all together a cool night.

2. augustine hospital worship – augustine described the church as a hospital for sinners. we spent the night being a hospital. we started off with a flash presentation describing the night (click here to view it or if you have swish click here to modify the file for your needs). we then had students lead the evening with through a period of offering our wounds to GOD (writing how we’ve been wounded on bandages and then placing them in an offering plate), read some of the bandages out loud and asking all those who have the same wound to stand (showing each of us that we are not alone), and finally, after some singing, having students come up and take somebody else’s wound to pray over for the next week, believing that what GOD said HE will prove (james 5:16). an extremely moving night and students and adults being apart of GOD’s plan to heal each of us.

if either of these work for you please use them and change them however you need to. i would love to hear what you do with it.

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