alternative leadership

the experiment in alternative leadership: honoring human dignity by building group capacity: “the forms of leadership we are all mocst familiar with can stifle creativity, motivation, and initiative. traditionally, any position of power is a license to talk and not listen, to tell and not ask, to demand and not serve. challenging these tendencies is a responsibility of all of us who long for a better world. ”

according to our LORD we’re supposed to be different from the world. yet, we often lead our ministries in the exact same way that the world operates. we follow business models and school ourselves in leadership via tapes, books, and seminars. there is in no difference in us.

we have to train our students in a new/old style of leadership – a leadership that isn’t leadership but is instead servanthood.

“the experiment in alternative leadership” is a missions agency that is trying to do missions with a new leadership structure. their organization is structured as follows:

  • a servant-leadership model, which encourages and supports people in their pursuit of self-discovery and in their personal sense of call.
  • communities of learners, where people seek to grow and learn collectively, as they care for those around them, especially those who have been forgotten and are marginalized in society.
  • an entrepreneurial spirit, where people feel led to innovate and take risks to achieve that which they believe in.

a very cool concept and a good example to follow.

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