it begins

i received the pinnacle studio 9 software late yesterday afternoon and loaded it on my computer this morning. i took advantage of the fact that CHRISTians across louisiana were gathering at the louisiana capital building to show our support for a legal ban against cloning human life to then be sacrificed for others (a form of slavery that is completely evil). i went to the capital to video the event and then make something for our sunday service.i came back to the church at about 3:30 and i had between then and 5:00 to learn the program and make a video.

it’s was extremely easy. of course, all i was making was a “music video” cataloging the event. it was nothing special but it was incredibly easy. here are the steps.

  • the program automatically downloaded the DV from the camera and divided the film into scenes based on when i started and stopped the camera.
  • i had the choice of “story-boarding” the movie or doing the whole thing on a time line. swapping between these views was extremely helpful for determining how much longer the video needed to be for the background music.
  • with the footage divided into scenes it was easy for me to “plop” those scenes in the order that i wanted. here’s a screen shot.
  • i was able to edit the scenes through the “clip properties” (extremely quick and easy)(screen shot of the clip properties dialog – it shows you the first and last frame and you just drag the two handles to where you want it to start and stop).
  • i was then able to add transitions (screen shot of the transitions) simply by dragging them to the area i wanted and then i simply added a “soundtrack”.

the whole thing was incredibly easy.

of course, i haven’t played around with changing any of the setting so it’s all very basic right now. the settings will be played around with later.

i’ll place a link up to the web-version of the video tomorrow.

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