videos for worship – may 26, 2004

here are the two videos that we are going to use for the view this week (may 26, 2004).

this is our announcement video. we went to siegen lane here locally and videoed cars. i then found some kids to act as drivers celebrating afterwards. next came the creation of the graphics and animation using swish. finally, i video myself and alan, the assistant youth minister, acting as commentators. this was then all pieced together with studio 9. very easy to do though quite cheesy. the idea was “stolen” from and then maybe improved upon.

the next video is our worship openning. it is based on psalm 105. i videoed teens after last week’s midweek service, asking them “what have you seen GOD do recently?” i took a few of their responses and then pieced them together with various transitions. i then videoed the mouths of different people reading lines form psalm 105. these were pieced together with just fade transitions giving them an almost moph-like quality. finally i added titles for the question, scripture reference, and ending and added david crowder’s “end of october” form the lime cd.

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