the summer stuff begins

for the next two weeks (May 29 through June 12) i’ll be doing the summer youth ministry thing so i probably won’t be updating this blog very often (if at all). i will update i after that with some of the stuff we’ve done and tell you how it went (or how it completely filed – either way works for me).

i’m working on a evangelism video for the end of the summer. i’m going to combine video and pictures of every teen that asks CHRIST to be his/her lord via our ministry during this summer and combine it with david crowder’s “heaven came down” from the lime CD. i want to make it in the “ken burns” style that he uses for his documentaries. i’m convinced that the greatest incentive for my kids to share the gospel will be a reminder of the glory brought to CHRIST through what has already happened. in addition to this, i believe the video will be something thatthe parents of each of these kids will want to have. i’ll write out more details as it comes together.

i got to do a wedding yesterday for a former student. i love doing wedding for kids i love. it’s a priveldge to be asked to be a part of such an important day.

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