the summer is over

hello there guys and girls – for the past 10 weeks summer has been going on. most of you have known this so i merely point it out to say that during the summer i’m a little busy and therefore unable to post on the blog. the summer is over and thus i can post again. happy blogging to me!

today is friday the 13th. i don’t believe in bad luck so it doesn’t really matter to me. my youngest, noah, was born on a friday the 13th and thus far he has turned out pretty good. i have a history of relatively good things happening on the 13th. at least i did have a history of good things until today.

today i was going to get a present for my wife, pam, on the way i noticed i was running low on fuel and decided to pull off the interstate and get some. of course, i ran out of gas on the exit and had to walk to the convenience store – which wasn’t very convenient. at the store i started looking for a container from the dumpster in which to carry my fuel back to my truck. while at the dumpster i ran into a very talkative homeless man. i usually don’t have any problems with people who are homeless but this was not the time to go asking me for money. i kept on trying to convinced this man that asking the me – “the guy who had just run out of gas” – for a ride or money was not the best idea right then. while doing this i slipped on some slime that had grown off of the refuse in the dumpster and broke my flip-flops. i was now the “guy with one shoe who had just run out of gas.” anyhow, i finally had to pay $4 for a gas can that would hold 1 gallon of fuel and was then ready to walk back to my truck with my new homeless friend in tow.

while, walking to my truck i stubbed my toe and when i looked down to see how bad it was my sun glasses fell off. upon hitting the ground the frame snapped in half thus ruining my third pair of sunglasses this summer. URGH!

i finally make to my truck, help my homeless buddy out a little bit and got my truck started. i was finally able to head over to the store to look for the gift i want to pick up for pam. of course, when i got to the store they were out of what i wanted to buy.

happy friday the 13th.

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