i watched “hero” last night and was amazed. it seems that asian film making is doing a much better job of making action/hero movies. the asian films that make it over here in the western market have action, beauty, and meaning. consider “hero” and an older movie “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” next to any of the recent western action films and you’ll see what i mean. both of these movies have amazing fight scenes within them, but they also have beauty and depth. i haven’t seen “house of flying daggers” yet but i have heard it is along the same lines. i not real sure where “kung fu hustle” fits into this scheme.

of course, it helps that i cheat and watch these movies on my dvd player with the english language dubbed in over the mandarin. i’m such a wimp.

it’s a hoax

for theological reasons i’m not a big believer in ghosts but i do understand that other people believe in them. so while i might dismiss ghost stories as stupid i do at least recognize that they are genuine fears for some. because of this i love a good horror flick or discovery channel ghost documentary – kind of horror by proxy, i enjoy the fear because others do. that’s why i was disheartened today when i found out from pam that the whole amityville house of horror story is a complete farce. the story was made up rather than someone genuinely believing in something that i don’t think is possible.

you can read about the hoax here

crash and burn

i hate it when i am really excited about a bible study and it simply crashes and burns. that’s what happened this morning. right now i’m in a time period where sunday mornings are simply not my favorite things. that happens from time to time. i don’t feel like we’re doing anything exciting and challenging right now and therefore it’s sometimes a bit hum drum. i know myself well enough to know that most of these feelings come from my emotional cycle and that the feelings will disappear when the summer arrives. of course, my 11th & 12th grade sunday school class is a different story all together.

i usually look forward to my times with these kids each week. we usually have great discussions on scripture and how JESUS is changing our lives. i really enjoy the whole thing. i thought i was going to have the same experience today. i was really looking forward to what we were going to be discussing. i was convinced that it mattered and that the teens would get into discussing it. boy was i wrong. i don’t know what was going on – probably a large dose of senioritis – but our discussion pretty much ended before it ever had a chance to get started. it was ugly.

after the lesson i quickly left the building feeling pretty dejected.

still i know that sometimes that garbage just happens. it could have been any combination of things – poor communication skills on my part, a lesson that wasn’t just right for that time, a gorgeous day outside that had everyone wanting to get out of the building, young love, young hatred, who knows what it could have been. sometimes, no matter how well i have prepared, no matter how excited i am about what we are going to be dealing with, no matter how important i think the topic is … sometimes for various reasons it’s just not going to connect, the students’ minds will go else where, and the whole thing is going to flop.

i know this is just going to happen every now and there nothing i can do about it. of course, that doesn’t mean i have to like it when it does happen. i don’t like it. in fact, i hate it.

on the good side – i have a student whose dad is a tour bus driver for the u2 vertigo tour and today he brought me one of the the tour’s stage staff t-shirts.