our church gym

our church gym

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i thought you guys would like to know that our experience at the shelter at southern university as fantastic. it went so well that the shelter manager wanted to change our plans. originally megan kelly was going to organize other people to help on different days. today’s activities with the kids went so well the manager asked that we just make sure that we keep coming. he wants the kids seeing our faces and getting to know the same people. so we’ll keep being a part of their lives.

the jason’s deli experience was just as good. the manager of jason’s deli stop pam, my wife, and told her that they wouldn’t have been able to make the 10,000 meals for the electrical workers if it had not been for our volunteers.

two days down – SIX WEEKS TOL GO. keep on volunteering. we will leave for southern and jason’s tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.

i also figured you would like to know that our church is now playing host to 100 electrical workers. the past three days these guys have been sleeping in their electrical trucks. now they’re sleeping in our gym. when you see them sunday try to encourage them.

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  1. Surfed in through your flicker account. Had seen your pic prior to the hurricane and hoped you and your family were okay. Dedicated a fair amount to finding you again, the magic word was “patato gun” 🙂 Keep up the great work your doing with the kids, your latest pictures brought tears to my eyes. To bad i`am across the pond other wise I would have pitched in. Living in Netherlands, below sea level, we understand.

  2. I am in Maryland and found you through flickr as well. Every day I think about the Katrina victims and wish there was something I could do to help. I am so glad to see that there are people like you doing what many of us wish we could do. You guys are great!!!

  3. bro. robert, srry i wasnt able to go to Southern with yall…in fact i had no idea…i checked ur blog too late. today i was able to go to the PMAC and I ran into (not literally of course) Juan who was workin there. So it was really cool to see him. see you tomorrow. And I know that they have a shirt depository at the PMac but there are probably better places to send them i would think..

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