listen and obey

judge marilyn says i rule
awhile back i saw something talking about getting free autographed photos from the people’s court. it sounded like something fun to do so i did it. the other day my autographed judge marilyn photo arrived and she said i rule. read it and weep. i rule! since i rule it is safe to say that i must therefore be king. as you king i command each of you to send me $100. do it now. remember according to judge marilyn … I RULE

3 Replies to “listen and obey”

  1. Where did you find a place to get the photos? That would be the perfect gift for my dad, who has made me watch “the court” since the judge wapner days! I looked on the site and couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  2. hey kim all you have to do is send a letter to the address under the “contact” portion of the website asking for an autographed photo. they’ll send it to you in about 4 weeks.

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