mp3 view

mp3 view
wednesday, march 1st we will do the view (our student oriented worship service) together via individual mp3/cd players. the service will be up for download the day before. you can download and then come to the view that night. we’ll all start the recording on our mp3 players at the same time and together follow it. it should be an interesting night.

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  1. i’ll try to explain then alycia.

    we are going to be dealing with the biblical concept of one body out of many parts “e pluribus unum”. in order to do this we are going to get everyone involved in an individual task (i.e. listening to your own individual mp3/cd player). this would typically separate everyone but in this case we will all listen to the same mp3/cd at the exact same time and follow it’s instructions. there will be some activity, there will be some singings, there will be some listening, etc.

    i stole the idea from a comedy improv group. when i read this i thought it would make an excellent illustration of many individual parts becoming one. it should make for a very different night.

  2. Just a thought. What if somebody doesn’t have an mp3/cd player? I know this is a rare occurence in this day and age, but there are still a few of us technologically backwards folks around. I know, it’s shocking, I, the computer geek do not own an mp3 player and really don’t see the need for one.

  3. already working on getting lots of extra cd players for those who don’t have one or forget to bring one or are visiting.

  4. Random post
    I blog About Nooma and I become more Popular,thank You Rob Bell you Rock man.

    lol Random Thought maybe I will try Blogging about Robert Terrell now see how popular I get!!

    Robert this was just randomly funny i had someone from Rob Bells church comment on my blog

  5. Rob you will be taken care of don’t worry my friend

    have no fear Jonhy.B is here I am robert’s Sidekick lol it used to be the three amegos but Alen go captured and now it me and Robert the super force

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