pam, my cute, intelligent wife, pointed me to the following video from some university prof’s studies on human observation. first time through watch the video to see how many times the white team passes the basketball to each other. the second time you watch the video just watch the video and see if you notice anything. this stat will probably mess up the experiment but i’ll try it anyway – 58% of the people who view the video don’t see anything odd the first time.

cool huh?

this thing has “ILLUSTRATION” written all over it. if you go to parkview, plan on going to parkview, or ever plan on having me speak at this church DON’T USE THIS VIDEO. if you do i will hunt you down and shoot you like a dog. you have been warned. 🙂

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  1. nope – that was a study done at a university. did you see the gorilla the first time? i competely missed it the first time. it was like it suddenly apeared out of nowhere the second time when i was just randomly watching the movie. everyone else should make sure and focus on seeing how many times the white team catches the basketball.

  2. now be nice rob. i wasn’t the only one that didn’t see it. like i said 58% of people who watch it didn’t see it either. i’ve shown it to 6 people thus far (without the obvious “there’s something wrong with this” set up that i’ve had to give y’all) and only one person has seen the gorilla. even that person was still so busy counting the passes that they didn’t suddenly realize that the video was actually about the gorilla. when people think they are supposed to be looking for one thign they will miss many other things going on around them.

  3. i couldn’t concentrate on counting trying to see what was wrong. Therefore, I cheated and saw it the first time. I’m Sharon Walters, cheater of the observation test!

  4. Oh I believe you. I’m just amazed. I mean I could understand missing the gorilla if it was only there for a second but since it’s on the screen for so long I just don’t get it. Wow.

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