thanks for the image help

i just wanted to publicly say “THANKS” to the guys & girls who helped me with the “image of GOD” sermon i did this past sunday. some of you posted your thoughts on this blog and many more of you gave up your time to discuss with me (voluntarily or reluctantly) what it means to be human. all of you became a part of the content of the message. thanks.

if you would like to hear the message here it is. I’VE UPDATED THIS NOW.

SIDE NOTE – the above picture is my favorite photo of myself. i just find it freaky. it looks like i could have just burned your house down, eaten your snack food, chopped down the trees in your front yard, thorn up your newspaper, run over your dog and enjoyed it so much that i backed over it again just to spite you. of course, pam hates this photo which makes it all the more fun to bring out every now and then. i use this photo anytime i need a photo of myself in a powerpoint. of course, it’s not often that i need a photo of myself but if i do then this is the one i use.

[Listening to: Swallowed In The Sea – Coldplay – X&Y (3:58)]

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  1. So Glad you posted the message! David said it was the best that he has heard since he has been at Parkview. The only thing that would make the picture better is the parafene lips!!

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