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well it would appear that the flickr mail was the real deal. i emailed wonbo woo the following letter yesterday:

as long as you are going to portray flickr and i in a positive light then you are more than welcome to use any of my katrina photos. personally, i would recommend slight clutter’s katrina photos over my own. i think they are great.

good luck on your piece. when will it air?

and today i received the following response:

No airdate as yet, but I’ll send you a headsup as soon as I know it. (Can you forward me a non-flickrmail email address?) I’ve been in touch with slight clutter, as well – I totally agree: her pictures are wonderful. I can’t promise anything about the editorial content as a matter of policy – but we’re working very closely with yahoo/flickr staff on the piece.

cool huh?

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  1. What a wonderfully kind thing to do! Thank you for the mention. 🙂

    I’m thinking the editorial piece will be kind to flickr…or at least neutral. Hopefully, both of our work will make it into the 1 1/2 minute piece!


    P.S. – Your Katrina-realted photos are quite impressive. I love that you included narrative with each post…terrific storytelling.

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