lights out

i was bored
the power went out at church this morning for the early worship service. that wasn’t really much of a problem (actually it was pretty cool). it was a nice reminder of how little is actually necessary for us to worship GOD (basically just faith and other people there – for congregational worship). however, i did find out something in our church that is much easier with power … using the restroom.

the restrooms in our church are located on the inside walls of the building and thus do not have any windows. therefore, they get very dark when there is no power for the lights. i walked in and experienced the darkness. i quickly realized that i could use my cell phone as a flash light. this worked perfectly until i had to place the phone down (for reasons that i will not explain here). when i placed the phone down it immediately decided that it didn’t like where i had placed it and quickly went out in search of a better spot on the floor. apparently my phone can see in the dark better than i because its light went when the phone hit the floor. for obvious reasons the thought of crawling around on the floor was not very appealing to me so i decided to search for the phone by moving my feet around. my feet had over ideas such as playing soccer because that is what my right foot did with the phone. i heard the phone skid across the floor and started to search again. eventually i found my phone and it was a very thankful moment.

tomorrow i think i will ask for emergency lighting to be placed in the restrooms.

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