i’m tired

i haven’t posted in forever but i’m winding down right now and thought i would try to jump start my posting. it’s been a busy week and i’m pooped. the walters (friends and youth volunteers) have agreed to host a bible study and pre-goof off time at their house. we had ten there tonight and that was 5 more than i was worried we would have.

numbers aren’t everything (in fact, many times they aren’t anything) but you got to have a little something to get started. numbers become all the more noticeable when you go from a large group to a small group because of church issues. nobody seems to remember that we had 20 youth on wednesdays nights when i first got to baton rouge 6 years ago because all of those kids have graduated now. now we have 40 coming on a wednesday night but it seems really small because everyone has gotten used to 110-120 coming on a wednesday.

so now we’re a smaller youth ministry and it’s taking awhile for everyone (myself included) to get used to it. to try and help everyone get excited about things again i’ve been doing allot of fellowship activities over the past week. this means i have spent a ton of time with various teens. i’m not complaining because i love doing that. it just soaks up allot of time and allot of nights.

tonight i didn’t get home till 9:40 p.m. not a terriblly late night but i was waiting till i got home to call my mom and wish her a happy birthday. i had texted her earlier in the day because my phone was having really weird signal issues as i went from place to place to get stuff for the bible study tonight but i couldn’t call her because i couldn’t get reception. i don’t even really know if my mom knows how to check text messages or not (this one may have been the first text message she has ever recieved). when i got home i needed to spend time with my youngest son who was struggling with a major headache. my the time we got him to bed it was past my parents’ normal bed time. happy birthday mom, sorry, it’s been a long day.

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