i’m ready for it to rain here.

i know this is not much of a post but it is what i feel right now. there is just something about rain every now and then that is good for the soul. i used to live in mobile, alabama and we had amazing rains. mobile is one of the rainiest cities in the united states. it averages 63.96 inches of rain a year (about 4 more inches annually than baton rouge receives). i remember the strong storms we would get there. it was great. of course, you would also get the gray days where it would just mist and drizzle all day long. yet it was the thunder storms that are my favorite.

i could go for a good thunderstorm (without electrical damage) now.

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  1. My ducks miss the rain too! Mo & her adopted 2 are always in the sprinklers when I water David’s tomatoes…it’s too cute!

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