just a few updates

the summer is almost over and this means that life will calm down to the point that i will begin blogging regularly again. for now a few random thoughts.

  • i miss the austins – arnold called today and i got to speak to them for awhile (nothing significant, just talking) and it reminded me of how much i love those people. i’m still very proud of them.
  • having a boat would be allot of fun if it weren’t for all the headache that goes with them. i got to borrow david walters’ boat today and drag some kids around on a psuedo-inner tube (i remember the days when we had to use real inner tubers – and we liked it) and it was allot of fun. if i could just figure out a way to borrow someone else’s boat whenever i liked and let them deal with the headaches that would be cool.
  • i just finished a personal best 3 miler – 29:53. it’s sad to think that next week at my first 5k i will be racing 6 year olds who can beat me.
  • as always the youth ministry’s week in nicaragua was amazing.
  • i have a great wife – yesterday was our 16th anniversary.
  • before i started running i never sweated. now my body has apparently decided to make up for lost time. i sweat like a pig when i run.
  • delta airlines has still not found my piece of luggage that they lost on our return flight from nicaragua.
  • since right before adam was born we have given up television (this includes anything you can do on a t.v. i.e., movies, games, etc.) during the month of august. this month it started a little early because our tv broke. it would cost $250 to have someone repair it but i can buy a $14 repair kit off the internet and do it my self. i’ll be doing this next week.

i guess that’s it for now.

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