happy birthday & happy 5k

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first, let me wish a happy, happy, birthday to alycia austin. even though you are in costa rica and soon to be peru please remember that you are very important to us (the same goes for your whole family). we miss you around here.

secondly, i figure i would tell y’all that i ran my first 5k race this evening. the twilight classic 5k was earlier tonight and yours truly was a part of it. tonight during the race i discovered that running a race is very different from just running around my neighborhood. the first reason for this is that there are lots of different people involved (my favorite are the “hey look at me i’m an impressive runner” guys – what posers). i’ve never run with people before so it took me a little while to get used to the idea of being passed by or passing someone else (there was probably more of the “being passed by” than the “passing” on my part). the second reason it is very different is that there is allot more adrenaline going through your body durig a race. these two things factored into me not running my regular pace. the fastest i had previously run three miles (a 5k is actually a little longer at 3.1 miles) was 29:53 (or 9:57/mile). by the time i had hit two miles it was only 17:00 which means i was running 8:30 miles. this was way to fast for me and my body decided it didn’t want to continue at this rate. so quickly my mind (who wanted to continue running 8:30 minute miles because it would look impressive to beat my previous personal best time) and my body (who wanted to run a much slower pace and didn’t care a lick if i beat my personal best time or not) had a debate. my mind called my body a whimp hoping to guilt my body into running and my body responded by agreeing and promptly shut down. debate over. my pace slowed down considerbly.

after knocking down a few elderly men and women to make sure that i wouldn’t be last to finish the race i ended up finishing the 5k with a total time of 28:58 (9:19/mile). if you look in the paper tomorrow you’ll be able to see it for yourself.

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  1. well Robert I am proud of you for running in the 5k run thats truely awasome, hehe ya think ya could encourage Alan to run sence he keeps saying thats what he wants do!!!hey and i have to say i love the look of your blog and the youth web site!

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