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today i ran my second 5k and i loved it. the race was the baton rouge zoo’s “zoorun”. this means that we ran through the zoo for the race. that would have been really cool because i could have watched all the animals except for the fact that after the first half-mile i couldn’t focus on anything other than breathing. the animals might have been doing acrobatics in their cages and i wouldn’t have noticed. in fact, the monkies could have slung poo at me and i probably wouldn’t have cared. i was too busy panting. anyhow, i finished the race and improved my 5k personal best to 28:28.

the other fun part was that adam and noah enjoyed last week’s run so much that they decided that they wanted to be a part of it. so me and the boys ran the 1/2 mile fun run before the 5k. they were great and they are now talking about running longer races.

my next step is to try a 10k and then a half-marathon. the problem is that all the half-marathon’s in the area are coming up sooner than the 10ks. this means it will probably be january before i can run a 10k and then the next half-marathon after that is february 4th. i don’t believe i can be ready for a half-marathon that soon after training to reach the 10k comfortably.

btw, pam hates the gold shirt and green pants that i wore today. i didn’t know this before the race and in fact i thought she would probably like it because i would be easy to see. yet i was wrong. she said it made me look as if i was on some tasteless running teams, which i probably am without knowing it.

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  1. hey robert ,who took the photos of your run well whoever took them they did a wonderful job of snaping the shot, now know at least 1 of three other meber of the Terrel house hold I am guessing MS Pam . Robert you need to get her a good camera for Christmas she has the patental to be a wonderful photographer like you hey enough of my rambaling about how talented ur wife is. Robert we need to sit down when you have extra time and you help me edit my blog and I want that one dot org thing on my blog and another flickr bag would you be willing to help

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