yes i know it’s been awhile since i posted and i can’t promise that i will begin posting regularly (but i do hope to) but still i’m posting right now and that counts for something. here are the few things that i wanted to post:

  • if you are interested in running in the march 10th “race for the cure” 5k let me know by friday and it might be free for you. we have a church member that wants to sponsor a group of people. it’s $25 to register but free if you hurry. i most know by friday.
  • many of you know that we are using si smith’s40” during lent. it’s quite cool stuff. who would have thought that cartoon drawings could be so devotional?
  • the famine was great this past weekend and i am very thankful for everyone that made it happen. all of the involved churches are meeting this coming week to discuss beginning to do more things together. it seemed like everyone connected very well and therefore we want to continue encouraging that.

i guess that’s about it for now. i’ll try to start posting regularly again. pam’s gone to iowa on ph.d stuff and i’m bored and missing her.