once i was proud

i learned this from grant. apparently my alma mater decided that a woman could not teach hebrew to men. at one time i was proud to have gone to southwestern (yes it was a long time ago when i was actually proud but still i actually proud at one time). now i’m usually embarrassed to admit that i graduated from a school that now has paige patterson as it’s president. i can’t honestly recommend for others to go there.

we’ve gone too far forward

technology has advanced too far and it is now causing me problems. the past few days i have been working on one of our computers. after trying desperately to discover why that fine piece of quality workmanship known as micro$oft xp was continually crashing on my system i was finally able to discover that xp doesn’t like the version of awardbios that i have on this particular desktop computer. the answer for fixing the poor relationship between micro$ft and awardbios was to get an upgrade for my bios. when i downloaded the bios upgrade and read the directions i discovered that i needed to create a bootdisk from a 3.5″ floopy disk. the problem is that i didn’t know where any floopy disks where. i searched all over the house to find an old, stray one.

zip. nada. nothing.

i would have considered burning a bootable cd with the necessary files on it but i didn’t have any cd’s around either.

have we progressed too far? i think we may have.

my run for the day
distance – 6.0 miles
time – 58:10
pace – 9:41/mile

missing in action?

hello there guys and girls. i notice today that a few of the books that i really like are m.i.a. apparently i’ve loaned them out and didn’t record who i loaned them to. so here’s my plea. if you have any of my books (particularly “20 hot potatoes CHRISTians are afraid to touch” by tony campolo, “is JESUS a republican or a democrat” by tony campolo, “a history of western philosophy: the classical mind, volume 1” by w.t. jones, and others) could you let me know you have them or simply send them back anonymously? thanks.

my run for the day
distance – 5.4 miles
time – 49:29
pace – 9:09/mile