the hampton inn & photos

pam and i stayed at a hampton inn in milwaukee this past weekend and i renewed my love affair with hampton inns. i’m not exactly sure why but i have loved hamptin inns since my junior year in college. i guess it is probably the fact that it was at a hampton inn that i first ran into the wonderful world of the free continental breakfast. ahhhhhh, free donuts. whatever the reason i have had a secret love affair with hampton inns for years. of course, being the son of floyd terrell i have a dominate cheap gene that keeps me from staying at hampton inns very often.

anyway, we stayed at one this past weekend and it reminded me of my great love for them. that love was increased by the fact that the hampton inns have apparently introduced tons of random black and white photos into their corporate culture. everywhere you look within the hotel you see another black and white photo. there are photos on the key cards, photos on the walls, photos on the room number plaques, and photos on the “do not disturb” sign. i loved it. i was please that there was at least one place without random photos on it. i was pleased that there were no photos on the toilet paper. that would have been disturbing.

making an offer

for those of you who are interested i thought i would let you know that we made an offer on a house in stevens point, wisconsin. you can view it here. now we have to wait and see if the owners except the offer, make a counter offer, or simply laugh their rear ends off. of course, we also have to sell our house.