stupid is as stupid does

i need to preface this by saying that i have never been a fan of pat robertson.

i would love to say that i didn’t understand why robertson was endorsing rudy giuliani but unfortunately i believe that i do. it’s all about power. i’m not in robertson’s head so i can’t say that i know everything thing about why he does what he does but the only reason i can think of that an individual would announce his support for an individual who is opposed to the two issues that the individual had previously said were the most important issues for those who follow him (remember that he said 9/11 took place because of america giving in to gay rights and abortion) is for power. i’m guessing that robertson thinks giuliani has more of a chance of beating hillary than any other republican and that’s what really matters to pat. if his “principals” are getting in the way of his ultimate goal of the republicans winning then those “principals” need to be adjusted a little bit. it’s all about power.

of course, robertson is not the only one to have ever swapped course in the middle of the stream in order to win a goal that was different from the one he had been espousing. it’s just not something i’m very cool with and i try to avoid it.

what do rome and jerusalem have to do with one another? what does seeking political power over principals have to do with JESUS? i can’t see anything. i hope most other CHRISTians well the same way and that robertson’s influence on some will wane now that he is clearly seen for what he is.

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