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for those of you who are trying to follow my curling progress i thought i would let you know that last night my team won it’s second bonspiel. our record now is 2-1. last night’s bonspiel was a tight one. we were tied going into the last end (the curling term for a round). i’m not sure what the other teams’ records are so i can’t tell you if we have a dynasty going on here or not. i tend to think we probably do.

SIDE NOTE – while walking my dogs i am presently listening to richard baxter’s book “the reformed pastor.” even though it was written in the 1600s it is still amazing. obviously i have to listen to the book through a 21st century filter (looking at things have changed dramatically since the 17th century) but it is still so on target. it’s was free on christian audio last month.

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  1. I checked out the site. Did a quick search for Mark Buchanan who wrote the book “Your God is too safe” I think you are the one who recommended that book to our Parkview staff. Anyhow, I click on the sample audio for his book “The Holy Wild” and, well, it was okay. It sounded like the reading of the book made a good story kinda boring.

    (Incidently, most people do that with the Bible when they read it in that obituary voice)

  2. i like buchanan but i haven’t listened to that recording yet. i find that i usually like their recordings. for example, reggie mcneal’s “the present future” was quite enjoyable.

    i think bill was the one who recommended “your GOD is too safe.”

    SIDE NOTE – i just listened to the excerpt from “the holy wild” and i guess we’re probably not going to agree on this one. it’s the same guy that reads many of the other books. i actually like this voice. it’s clear and consistent and therefore good when i’m doing other things (like running, driving or walking the dogs) which is when i normally listen to an audiobook.

  3. Well, you have books to go on, I had a 30 second clip, so that could be the difference. I’ll probably try to get one of these freebies to listen to when I am travelling to the small towns around here.

    God bless.

  4. Hi Robert, one more comment for everyone here.

    They are giving away a free book, your choice of one of 10 selections, just until the 24th of November…

    I noticed one that you might like… Here’s the commercial..

    Revolution (Unabridged) by George Barna
    World-renowned pollster George Barna has the numbers, and they indicate a revolution is already taking place within the Church–one that will impact every believer in America. Committed, born-again Christians are exiting the established church in massive numbers.
    [Click to listen]

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