double finish

i finished two things yesterday. first, the regular season of the curling league that i belong to. we did pretty well. in fact, we either finished first or second for our league night. we’ll find out after the score of the other team is known. if they lost then we tied them for first and will play off to see who goes to the club championships. if they won then there is no post season for us. still it was fun. i’ll definitely be doing this again next season (even if debbie says that curling has ruined my youngest child).

the second thing i finished was my application to the d.min program at new orleans seminary. its a butt load of work for a simple application. i ended up writing a 18 page essay for the thing. now i am just waiting for my recommendations to be sent in and the final interview.

otherwise everything is pretty boring.


since everyone who expressed interest in being a part of a ncaa bracket (either by comment or email) is already on facebook i just decided to do the bracket through cbs sportsline brackets. you can join by going to my profile or looking up the bracket application on facebook.

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 52:54
pace – 10:35/mile
weather – 34º/snow