simulacra and simulation

i like candles in worship. nothing blatantly spiritual about them, they just help me to get into the right mindset. washington elementary school now has a no open flame policy and therefore regular candles are a “no no.” the issue i now face is whether flameless candles are just completely cheesy or not. i feel pretty lame putting out flameless candles just as a mood setter but at the same time i really do like candles in worship gatherings. of course, flameless candles are merely a simulation of the real thing and therefore it could be argued  that they aren’t really going to serve the same purpose anyhow. i no for most of you this is probably not a big deal, but it’s twisting my brain in knots. any thoughts?

SIDE NOTE – here’s the itunes address for our podcast once it begins. obviously it won’t begin until our gatherings do (september 14).

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  1. not quite but pretty close. it’s a controlled electric arc. since it doesn’t go through a filament it’s random and “flickers” like a candle. when it get down to the bottom it’s basically a light bulb.

  2. I gotta call cheesy on this one. We went out to a local Cuban restaurant for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. As we were sitting there Ashtyn picked up the “candle” on the table and it was one of these flameless candles. It just kind of ruined the atmosphere of the place for me.

    I must admit though, that it might be a little different in a worship service where the people wouldn’t necessarily be sitting within arm’s reach of the “candle”.

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