98% excited or 98% scared?

98% excited or 98% scared from Robert Terrell on Vimeo.
tapestry had it’s second and last “preview” worship gathering last night. the only thing left now is the real deal. last night was great and hard at the same time. mike penza’s brother ended up passing away this week. we all hurt for mike and he’s family. we were also missing casey but for much more pleasant reasons (he had to go see his woman). while worship was great i wish the whole tapestry family could have been there and most importantly not in pain.

the next step is a matter of mapping everything out for the actual launch this coming sunday. i’m extremely excited and scared at the same time. over on facebook one of my friends suggested the scene from armageddon where owen wilson’s character is strapped into the shuttle. he’s “98% excited and 2% scared or is it 98% scared and 2% excited?” it pretty much sums up how i feel right now.

the new memberSIDE NOTE – we have a new member of the terrell family. after a lot of searching pam found a cat that she feel in love with. she found him through the purbred cat rescue. he’s a 5 year old himalayan and his name is mr. darcy. though i am not the biggest fan of cats in general, i will admit that i like this guy.

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