would JESUS be a CHRISTian?


this is the sermon series i am working on for september 21st through october 12th. the idea came from an college article i read from 2005 called “capitalists make bad CHRISTians” by ian greenleigh. i didn’t agree with everything in the article but i did think it raised some good questions. then i read several other articles asking what would happen if JESUS were to walk into many of the churches in north america – would HE want to associate HIMself with us? would we submit to our revolutionary SAVIOR?

obviously i’m not the first or the only one asking this question. look on the web and you’ll find several posts on it. you’ll even find an interesting article from an atheist asking the same question.

anyhow i decided it would be a good way to start tapestry off.

so what are your thoughts? would JESUS identify HIMself with most modern american churches?

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