jesus bobble head

jesus bobble head

for those of you who are wondering i did most definitely buy a JESUS bobble head figure for the “would JESUS be a CHRISTian” message series. the main point of it will be a reminder for everyone that this is not what our LORD should be like. a bobble head JESUS agrees with everything you agree with and disagrees with everything you disagree with because you control HIS head. if you want HIM to agree with something then you just make HIM do it. this means JESUS never finds your personal sin that big of a deal but HE abhors the sins that you have no problem with. no body is every challenged by a bobble head JESUS.

of course the real JESUS isn’t like that. the real JESUS challenges everyone and unfortunately steps on my toes way too often for my tastes.

so i have a bobble head JESUS coming to hold up during the messages as a reminder that our GOD is not like this thing, so we should never treat HIM like HE is a bobble head.

SIDE NOTE – i chatted with my friend josh today. we’ve talked before about his wife and his desire to be a part of GOD planting a new church. last time we talked i thought it was years away. well today i found out it was a year away. that’s right uno! being one year away from planting a church is an amazing time. it calls for a ton of prayer, planning, and most importantly large and small “leaps to faith.” if you have a moment would you lift up josh & kimberly in prayer? i think GOD would be honored if you do.

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  1. i'm pretty thrilled about this weekend for y'all. Jesus also treads on my toes so i'm excited to hear more about the new series. speaking of, is there a tapestry podcast in the works? praying for josh and ms. kimberly.

  2. Good point, Rob. It's only been in the last few years that I've learned the real meaning of "Thy Will Be Done" … I thought i had some bad things happen to me in my early 20s … but God still spared me from the REALLY bad things

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