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if you are involved in the church culture at all (sometimes versus CHRISTianity) you know that there are certain words and phrases that come into favor at various times. i assume it’s the same in every other “industry” and/or organizational culture in the world. the phrases are inside words that all those who are a part of the group understand (or at least pretend that they do). it’s probably just because i am a pastor and therefore inherently a part of the church culture that these things bother me so much, but they really do drive me nuts. therefore, i’m going to start listing various church culture words and phrases that drive me nuts. i’ll begin with “vision casting.”

i hear this used all the time. i think some pastors have mental competitions to see who can mention casting a vision more. what i understand this to me is motivating people to follow the vision that has already been established (at least in the pastor’s mind). it’s not really so much throwing a vision out there (or casting hopefully implies some catching) as it is placing emotional “carrots” in front of people to get them to work toward the already established vision (or mission). why can’t we just call it motivation? i have a couple of pastors’ conferences i’m going to over the next few months and i promise this will be one of the big phrases at each one.

anyhow, some wonderful pastors i love and respect use this word so this post isn’t really a gripe about the phrase being wrong as much as it is about being over used (or overthrown as the case may be). i think for the fun of it i will start using the phrase “vision jitterbuging” when other people say “vision casting” because a jitterbug is my favorite lure to cast and quite effective at catching too.

SIDE NOTE – feel free to add your own words that drive you nuts.

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  1. “seeker freindly” word itself is not bad itself but the argument that almost always follows after that term is used just bugs me to all ends, we cant preaching the good news and sin be one in the same?

  2. I like vision worming…you end up with the bottom feeders!

    I agree, the term is overused and there is that certain used car dealer aspect to the phrase, but I actually like and use it. It fits our work.

    You are exactly right about it being a pre-developed, God-given strategy. Ours is using the local church to plant indigenous churches. Casting is not about creating the vision, but about seeking God’s will for another’s participation. It’s about getting the word out about an opportunity to serve. In the analogy, God’s will plants the hunger to take the bait…some call it a calling. Not all have have it, not all should.

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