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i’m just posting right now because i haven’t posted in a few days. therefore, i would recommend that you quit reading at this point because this will be a boring post.

  • i just bought the text books for my class for the winter ‘09 nobts trimester. thank GOD for used books and amazon. i now have a ton of reading that i have to begin and several papers to write.
  • i’m going to start destroying and redoing the boys’ bathroom tomorrow. new tile and a new toilet are the first steps. wow, what fun.
  • since water in central wisconsin is so hard it looks like we’re going to end up buying a water softner for the house. it’s either that or constantly replace our water-based appliance (dish washer, clothes waher, water heater, etc.). i hate spending money on things like water softners but hard water is a royal pain in the butt. i have never in my memory lived in a place with hard water (or more likely never when i was at an age when i cared about it). to paraphrase the waterboy’s mom “hard water is the devil.”
  • i love sunday evenings. the group that makes up tapestry just gets better and better. they really seem to be connecting with what the leadership team had dreamed about tapestry being and they are joining in on it. i think my personal favorite aspect is when the band pulls out a different instrument for the music. it makes me smile every time. every now and then someone comments on the blog asking if there is a podcast of sunday evenings and the answer is yes. unfortunately, for copyright reasons i can’t post the music. still you can subscribe to the messages in itunes by clicking here or go to the messages directly and listen to them by going here.
  • point’s 08’-09’ curling season starts tomorrow. i’m very excited about this.
  • i wish i could have been near some of my lsu friends during the bama/tiger game. oh that would have been fun.
  • i am very excited about what we, as a family and as tapestry, are going to be doing within advent conspiracy. i think it will involve some cool things and discussions.
  • winter has arrived in central wisconsin (yes, i know that technically it is still fall (winter starts december 22) but the weather here has kicked into winter gear. as i type this it is 17º outside and we have already had three days of slight snow flurries. we had a little accumulation but nothing significant. the biggest problem with this is that it is now too cold for me to want to be on the river in my canoe and the water hasn’t frozen over yet for ice fishing to begin. it’s a none fishing period and i’m not the biggest fan of that.

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  1. Jim has definitely been enjoying your podcasts & has mentioned them to a few of our friends.

    I’m sorry that fishing is on hiatus right now…but at least there is curling, right?

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